Real Estate

Handling issues related to real estate is one of our specialties. We handle commercial and residential real estate litigation, credit union mortgage loan closings, tax sale redemptions, and foreclosures.

Real Estate Closings

The firm assists credit union lenders when its members purchase real property, closing of loans to members for first and second mortgages, and home equity line of credit mortgages. The firm is able to obtain title insurance for each transaction that protects the lender’s mortgage position. Depending on the transaction, the attorney fees may range from $350 to $700, exclusive of other costs.

Real Estate Litigation

We are involved on behalf of lenders and real estate agencies in the defense of litigation filed by purchasers and/or sellers for various claims that may arise from the purchase or sale of commercial property, investment property, and/or residential property. We represent real estate agencies in the recovery of commissions due from sellers for breach of the listing agreement. We also assist real estate agencies to interplead earnest money escrowed into court for determination of entitlement to the escrowed funds.