General Bankruptcy Information

If you are requesting specific information regarding a bankruptcy case in which our firm is not involved, you may choose to obtain that information directly from the United States Bankruptcy Court, Western District of Tennessee by one of several methods: Voice Case Information (VCIS); Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER), Web of PACER; or the web site referenced below.

  1. Voice Case Information (VCIS) is an automated system which allows queries into the court's database by using a touchtone telephone. Busy signals are occasionally encountered with only eight active lines. There is no registration or cost.
    • Memphis VCIS 901-328-3509
    • Northern Mississippi VCIS (Aberdeen) 662-369-8147
    • Southern Mississippi VCIS (Jackson) 601-965-6106
    • Arkansas VCIS 501-918-5555
  2. Although our firm does not use this system, Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) offers the same information as VCIS, plus additional docket information from the Court's case management system, claims registry and creditor matrices. This is available for an access charge of 60 cents per minute. To register for PACER System usage, contact the PACER Billing Center at 800-676-6856. After registration, to access the PACER System, call 901-328-3617 or toll free at 800-406-0190.
  3. Although our firm does not use this system, Web PACER provides all public information regarding any bankruptcy files, cases or events at a cost of 8 cents per page, via any computer with a web browser connected to the Internet. This provides a cost savings over the dial-up PACER System.
  4. Our firm uses United States Bankruptcy Court - Western District of Tennessee to obtain pertinent information for interested parties, relative to the following areas:
    • Court calendars are searchable by case, judge, attorney name, debtor name, or docket number.
    • Opinion retrieval provides full text opinions of published and nonpublished opinions of all cases from 1994 to present.
    • Local and national forms are available in PDF (portable document format).
    • Statistics and reports: Complete listings of closed cases into two different lists, discharged and dismissed, are available on the 15th each of month for the previous calendar month. Also, statistical graphs of total bankruptcy cases and adversarial proceedings are broken down by Chapter and divisional office.  
  5. Web sites for Chapter 13 Trustee offices in Tennessee are: